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A Writing Ministry: God’s Call on My Life

A writing ministry, fashioned from God’s call on my life and that one friend who beckons you by your last name – or at least part of it. “Fitz?!” Exhortation, or encouraging others has always come easy to me. I just never thought of it as a ministry.

Creative writing? More specifically, ministry writing. I can write a resume or business correspondence with ease. Never have I put my gift of gab on paper, much less an online platform for the world to view.

The name was the easy part. Honestly? Now I’m struggling with how to fill just this page. Proof that in spite of the calling, I don’t have it all figured out.  I started a blog, but I certainly have not ‘arrived.’  I’m not a babe in Christ, but I definitely have room for growth.

In my pursuit to be more Christ-like, I have come to realize that I really admire the ability to memorize scripture and use it to speak life into the lives of others.  I have plenty of life experiences to speak on. Coupled with my spiritual gifts and God’s blessing, I am capable of effortlessly offering sound guidance. But in order to be effective in relating it to scripture, I’d have to find more time to study God’s Word. This morning, as I sat in bed, chatting away with God, coffee in hand, I spoke of this desire.  I explained to Him that I don’t speak His word as often as I should because I don’t have it committed to memory.  Then I said, “And I won’t write or even post something without having studied it; and in that still, small voice, I heard, “I know.”

It was the equivalent to a mic drop moment, where you suddenly realize who’s the player and who’s The Coach. I’m not sure why I was so surprised, He’s God. I’m a servant. Still, I wanted to high-five Him and say, “Well played!”

This journey is just as much for my own personal growth as it is for the readers. The blog may carry my name, but the platform is His. My prayer is that this be a place of sharing, a place to learn and encourage, free from competition & judgement. Whether you are new to Christ and His salvation or a long-time follower, this is for you.

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