Divorced dads. You know them. Made infamous by jaded, but naive courthouse judges and their brigade. They’re the not-so-lovable, incompetent men badgered by an eternally ‘competent,’ narcissistic ex-wife.

To the contrary, regardless of marital status, dads bring a lot to the table. Rough-housing and playing practical jokes aside, they teach our children how to explore, and impart a wisdom to their children that simply comes with being a guy.  Not to mention, men in general are natural problem solvers – an invaluable trait to pass down to our children given the world we live in.

Longitudinal research concluded that the more time a father spends with a child, the more empathetic they are. Involved fathers also have daughters with fewer psychological problems and are less likely to have sex or get pregnant as teenagers.

Kangaroo court systems and judicial bias is real. Family courts frequently sideline good fathers.

What if I told you to scratch all that? – The documented studies, or how good of a father one might actually be? What if I told you that none of that matters to the decision makers in North Carolina when parents split the sheets? Kangaroo court systems and judicial bias is real. Family courts frequently sideline good fathers. Dr. Roisin O’Shea said it best. “Maternal rights dominate and fathers are forced to seek visitation rights when parenting arrangements cannot be agreed. On the other hand, when a father becomes a sole parent as a widower, we do not immediately assume that a father cannot be a good parent. It would seem that is only when we are angry or in conflict that powerful societal norms rise to the surface and push fathers back to a secondary or lesser role as a parent.”

In spite of their crucial role, divorced dads are up against:

  1. Deep-seated institutional sexism within the court systems and social & health systems.
  2. Manufactured chaos by mothers whom aspire to alienate children from their father.  Psychological kidnapping via false accusations is a popular weapon of choice.

Studies also show that alienated children are subject to develop behavioral problems, resulting in feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and hostility, which can lead to drug/alcohol abuse or addiction.  Alienation also hinders a child’s ability to form trusting relationships.

Court orders against alienation are rarely enforced.  The system is stacked against any father who dares to challenge the status quo. It cares little for the children involvedThey are merely pawns in a broken, money-hungry, biased and desperately corrupt kangaroo family court system.  As a whole, the system is unjust and many fathers succumb to it.

Consequently, when their peace is gone, bank account empty, and their children have been trained to believe their father’s only reason for existence is to finance their lifestyle, what are they to do? The only thing they can do – fight on their knees!  See Philippians 4:7. God is just and an ever faithful Father who loves His children.  The gross disrespect and deep hate that accompanies a child who has been alienated, is beyond hurtful. And as tragic as it may be, sometimes God’s blessings aren’t in what He gives, but in what He takes away.  Trust Him. Subscribe below.