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Welcome!  If you are seeking the relational authenticity of other women in your day to day walk with God, then you’ve come to the right place.  Whether, you’re simply in need of prayer or seeking someone with whom you can relate, you are welcomed here.

Previously, the purpose of my blog was to ignite a consulting gig. I have gained a great deal of experience in my secular roles, specifically, the financial side of long term/senior care. That said, I believe I missed the mark when it came to the original blogs content and the purpose of God’s calling. I am convinced that God has called me to write. But fourteen years of experience in long term care wasn’t what He had in mind. I have a lifetime of growth processes – trials, tribulations, shame, condemnation, to blessings, favor, & triumphs! That’s where His glory is!

Like many of you, I am a wife, a mother, and a full-time employee. My family and I enjoy a simple lifestyle in Cary, North Carolina, a suburb outside of Raleigh. Regardless of your physical location, or where you are in your journey, we can all learn from one another. So, enter your email and subscribe and join me as I share my blessings and lessons with you.

Grace & Peace,

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